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Happy New Year!

With 2023 now underway, we are looking forward to working with you to fulfill your new year health goals. 


Whether you are dealing with painful joints, headaches, tight muscles or just want to know how to safely get going with increasing your activity or strength we would be honored to help.


Let's make this year fantastic!




Understanding Repetitive Strain Injuries

Do you experience pain that worsens while you’re making certain movements? Is the discomfort associated with a particular action such as lifting a heavy object repeatedly, swimming, or working on a laptop? These are signs of a repetitive strain injury. 


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Pay Attention to Your Posture

Many people experience pain and discomfort due to poor posture.


Leaning forward while using a computer and slouching while standing or sitting are habits that may gradually cause unsuspected injuries. Correcting poor posture helps reduce chronic pain.



If you're dealing with a painful injury or frustrating issue that's disrupting your daily routine, it's important to work with professionals who can accommodate your needs. The physiotherapists at Bedford-Sackville Physiotherapy Clinic Inc. can help you make progress at your own pace. Call us today to speak with one of our experts.


Understanding A Stroke

A stroke or brain attack occurs due to a blockage that decreases blood flow to the brain or bleeding in the brain that is caused by a hemorrhage.


The attack prevents oxygen and vital nutrients from traveling to the brain. A stroke is a medical emergency that requires rapid diagnosis and treatment.


A healthy diet invigorates you from head to toe. Here are two nutritious recipes that rejuvenate both the body and mind.


Chicken Caprese



Voted as one of the best chicken caprese recipes, this dish combines boneless, skinless chicken breasts with fresh black pepper, basil, mozzarella, pesto, and extra virgin olive oil.


You’ll enjoy an explosion of flavor and lots of nutrients.


Banana Oat Muffins



This sweet treat is perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Ripe bananas, rolled oats, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and dark chocolate chips are the ideal combination of hearty and tasty ingredients.


Top these muffins with your favorite fruit for an extra burst of flavor.

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