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Our summers here in Nova Scotia are short so I hope everyone is making the most of the warmer days and getting outside! 

We are made to move!

Our team was excited to watch our Emma (PT) get married last weekend and can now announce we have EMMA WATSON working with us :) !


Understanding Joint Replacement

Joint replacement procedures are commonplace in today’s society with over 1 million total knee and hip replacement procedures being performed each year in the United States. In order to reap the benefits of your joint replacement, proper rehabilitation with physiotherapy is essential to decrease pain and improve function of your replaced joint.

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Learn About Ergonomics 

Ergonomics aims to fit the task to the person, and the person to the task. By adopting ergonomic principles in the workplace, many injuries can be avoided and productivity can be increased.
A physiotherapist can help to identify ergonomic risk factors in your workplace and make recommendations for modifications to improve safety. 

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Let your physiotherapist help you meet your next challenge. 


Understanding Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory condition that often progressively worsens, leading to the destruction of joints, mobility issues and the inability to perform daily tasks. Physiotherapy can help to relieve your symptoms, maintain function of your joints, prevent structural damage and deformity, and help to keep you active.

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 Do you ever find yourself wondering about dinner options that are both tasty and healthy? Here are two recipes that are satisfying and nutritious!


California Grilled Veggie Sandwich


This vegetarian sandwich combines a variety of veggies including red bell peppers, zucchini, red onion, garlic, and yellow squash with mayo, lemon juice, and olive oil. All of the veggies are placed on delicious olive focaccia bread and topped with feta cheese. This delicious sandwich is a great alternative to a heavy meal during the summer and is packed with an array of vitamins and nutrients.

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Summer Chicken Burgers


This different take on a burger uses skinless chicken breast halves seasoned with salt and pepper and tops them with sautéed avocado, and Vidalia onions to create a delicious and nutritious summer burger. It’s a healthy dinner option that is packed with protein and a variety of healthy fats, nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants.

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