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We are celebrating 35 years of serving our community this June!

Win one of 3 prizes

Every person who books an appointment from now until the end of June will be entered into a draw for a chance to win one of the following:

  • A set of Nordic Walking Poles
  • Mediflow Water Pillow 
  • 45 minute Massage Gift Certificate 

Thank you to everyone for trusting us with your health over the years!


Free Nordic Pole Walking Seminar!

Wednesday, June 5 at 6:30pm

Learn about the many benefits of adding Nordic Walking Poles to your walks such as:

  • burning up to 67% more calories
  • full body work out,
  • reducing pressure on the knees and low back
  • lowering blood pressure.

Call 902-865-5749 to register, as space is limited.

A great opportunity to see what all the buzz is about, learn proper technique and give poles a try without any obligation.


The risks of overtraining 

Spring is a time when many people think of taking physical activity up a notch - whether you are just starting, a weekend warrior or train regularly.

Overtraining syndrome can result when the physical stress placed on an athlete is greater than the body can handle, leading to an array of symptoms and decreased athletic performance.

Physiotherapy can help you avoid overtraining by educating you on the risks and symptoms of overtraining, and by developing a gradual training program for you to follow to avoid injury.

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Tips for Gardeners 

Gardening can be a fun and rewarding activity, but can also lead to pain or injury.

Physiotherapy can help minimize the risk of injury by teaching you stretching and strengthening exercises, and helping to ensure that you’re using the proper tools and technique while working in your garden.

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Physiotherapy can help you see opportunities rather than obstacles.


Have you ever heard of Plantar Fasciitis? 

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammatory condition that can cause moderate to severe foot pain that is worse in the morning and when putting weight on the foot. While this condition can take up to a full year to completely resolve, physiotherapy can help to manage symptoms.

A proper assessment that looks at your lifestyle, posture and walking or running pattern will help to identify common culprits. Manual therapy and modalities, including ice, ultrasound or shockwave, as well as custom orthotics, are some of the recommendations for plantar fasciitis. 

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 Do you ever find yourself wondering about dinner options that are both tasty and healthy? Here are two recipes that are satisfying and nutritious!


Butternut Squash Pizza with Rosemary


If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional pizza, this is a great, and healthy, option! A pre-made pizza crust dough is topped with butternut squash, onion, fresh rosemary, olive oil, cornmeal, and salt and pepper, and is then topped with Asiago or Parmesan cheese.

This pizza is packed with fiber, as well as a variety of vitamins and nutrients.

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Grilled Chicken Salad with Seasonal Fruit


This recipe combines boneless chicken breast with lettuce, pecans, and fresh strawberries with a dressing made of red wine vinegar, white sugar, vegetable oil, ground mustard, minced onion, salt, and white pepper. This is a high protein salad that is full of a variety of vitamins and nutrients.

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